A. Bibliographies 301
   B. Periodicals Relating to Portugal 303
   C. General References 308
   Guides to Archives and Libraries 308
   Statistical 310
   Encyclopedias and Dictionaries 311
   D. Historical, Legal, Political Studies, Area and Country Studies 311
   General Histories, Legal, Political Studies, Area and Country Studies 311
   Historical Documents Collections: Portugal 313
   Historical Documents Collections: Portuguese Empire 315
   Historical Chronicles of Portugal and of Empire 317
   E. Culture, Literature, and Language 318
   F. Travel and Tourist Guides on Portugal 319
   G. History of Portugal 320
   Ancient and Medieval (2000 BCE-1415 CE) 320
   Imperial and Early Modern (1415-1822) 322
   Constitutional Monarchy and Liberalism (1822-1910) 324
   Parliamentary, Republican Portugal (1910-26) 325
   Authoritarian Portugal (1926-74) 328
   World War II and Portugal 336
   The Military 339
   Government and Politics since 1974 339
   Contemporary Portugal since 1974 341
   H. Physical Features: Geography, Geology, Fauna, and Flora 348
   I. Archaeology and Prehistory 348
   J. Foreign Travelers and Residents' Accounts 349
   K. Portuguese Cartography, Discoveries, Navigation 351
   L. Portugal and Her Overseas Empires (1415-1975) 353
   1. Portuguese Migration and Communities Abroad 363
   Portugal's Atlantic Islands (Azores, Madeiras) 365
   Anglo-Portuguese Alliance (1373-present) 366 M. Anthropology, Sociology, Rural and Urban Society 369 N. Arts, Architecture, Urban Planning, Music 373
   Sculpture and Ceramics 375
   Cinema 375
   Children's Literature of Portugal 376
   Lisbon, Capital City, in History and Literature 377
   The Inquisition in History 377
   Literature in English Translation: Selection 378
   Portuguese and Portuguese-American Cooking: Cuisine 382
   Gardens and Gardening of Portugal and Madeira 383
   Education, Science, Health, and Medical History 383
   Feminism and Women's Studies 385
   Religion and Catholic Church 386
   12. Agriculture, Viticulture, and Fishing 387
   O. Economy, Industry, and Development 389
   P. Photography on Portugal 391
   Q Equestrianism 392
   R. Electronic Resources 392
   Websites from Portuguese Government Agencies and Institutions 392
   Websites of Interest from Former Colonies 393
   Portuguese Pousadas (State-run Inns) 393

Historical dictionary of Portugal 3rd ed.. . 2014.


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